Zero Waste

Pet bottles are made from petrolium and dissolve in nature in 450-500 years. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) polymer, which is the most consumed polymer in the textile industry used for ; many beverages, oils, food packaging, etc. PET bottles can be recycled and reused in flake form after physically recycled in facilities. With chemical processes, it can be the main raw material of many chemicals.  

By recycling pet bottles, fiber, yarn and fabric are produced for the textile industry. Apart from these, carpet bases, sleeping bags, insulating material, paint brushes, life buoy, bags, mailboxes, picnic tables, fences, hiking boots, double compartment buckets, laser toner cartridge and belts can be produced from pet bottles. 

As a solution to these problems, we, as ARM Chemicals, produce many textile chemicals, especially dispersing agents, from the products obtained by recycling PET bottles.