Textiles and fashion products are produced, distributed, sold and used worldwide. Thus, the textile and fashion industry has a major impact on the environment. In the production process of all textile products, usage of chemicals has got great importance. The textile and chemical industry cannot be considered as independent from each other.   

The second most polluting sector in the world is the production of textile and fabric products. 200 tons of water is used for dyeing and finishing processes of 1000 Kg fabric.  

Sustainability has gained popularity due to the moral awareness and environmental regulations that many people and companies feel today. A number of fashion and design companies have changed their sustainability policies. In recent years, our company has started to produce “environmentally friendly and sustainable” chemicals by spending its energy in this field.    

As ARM Chemicals, we fulfill our responsibilities to all our stakeholders with our raw materials obtained from recycling and our documents such as GOTS and ZDHC, which documents certify our environmental and harmless chemical production in the sector.  

Benefits of Sustainable Chemistry
Avoiding the use of persistent, bioaccumulative, toxic, and otherwise hazardous materials; Using renewable resources and decreasing consumption of non -renewable resources, Minimising negative environmental impacts of chemical processing and manufacturing; Providing technologies that are economically competitive for and advantageous to industry