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ARM CHEMICALS was established in 2005 by people with knowledge and experience related to each stage of the industry. It meets the quality need of the sector since its establishment with its staff with operational experience. Our company continues to manufacture and sell all the chemicals in its product range with 100% domestic capital in its own facilities, all rights and technologies.   

Our company has gained trust with its quality, economical and environmentally friendly products. We manufacture and sale especially Denim, Textile Auxiliaries and Raw Materials with its high technology reactors. We continue to be a rapidly rising value in our region, in our country and in the world with our production processes that meet sustainable, ecological and environmental standards of today's world. 

Our company is the supplier of many global textile companies and also indirect chemical product supplier to chain garment textile companies worldwide. Plus, since 2005, we export directly to many countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Hong Kong, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Italy and more. In 2016, our quality crowned with GOTS, ZDHC,EIM SCORE and ISO quality standards and certificates.    
Our product range is consisted with water-soluble polyester structure and anti-staining agents used in many areas that can not directly manufactured by others in Turkey, fluorocarbons, hydrophilic and hydrophobic silicone oils, optical brightener (powder and liquid), coating and finishing products, fixing agents, UV fastaners, antibacterial products and sustainable chemicals,etc. which chemicals are able to be manufactured only in couple of countries and companies in the world, we are taking part in value added projects with our slogan “WE ADD INTELLIGENCE TO CHEMISTRY!”     

We continue to meet your quality needs of the chemical field with our strong, experienced and dynamic staff and constant development vision.